30L Dry Bag Waterproof Backpack for Men. Perfect for Water Sports Beach Marine Kayaking Boating Rafting Fishing Hiking Snowboarding Camping – Great

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VITCHELO(r) brand products are designed to do one thing: make it easier for you to go outside and have a great adventure in the world.

Whether you’re hitting the slopes, conquering a mountain, or simply exploring your own backyard, getting outside is healthy for the mind, body, family AND soul. We encourage you to disconnect from the daily grind, reconnect with your family and loved ones, and spend more time outside where there’s always something new to see.

And when you’re on your next great adventure, you need to keep your belongings safe & dry. The best and easiest way to do that? The 30L Waterproof Backpack by VITCHELO(r).

This bag is designed to keep everything inside completely dry and safe from dirt, dust, sand and snow. It fits snugly on your back and straps around your waist to prevent back strain. An adjustable shoulder strap means no matter how big or small you are, the bag will be a comfortable fit.

Perfect for:

  • Beachgoers
  • Boaters
  • Campers
  • Hikers
  • Kayakers
  • Skiers
  • Rafters
  • Snowboarders
  • Climbers
  • Runners
  • Hunters
  • Fishers
  • Photographers
  • Theme/Water Parks

No Need To Leave Your Electronics and Valuables at Home!

Keep your phone, tablet, watch, fitness tracker, camera, wallet and purse safe and dry no matter what adventure you seek.

It’s time to get outside and recharge your own batteries… while keeping your belongings safe & dry. Enjoy the water, enjoy the outdoors, make sure you are fully prepared with this amazing VITCHELO® deluxe waterproof bag, now available to meet each and every single one of your outdoor needs.

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  • THIS 30L WATERPROOF DRY BACKPACK IS PERFECT FOR ANY OUTDOOR ACTIVITY, especially if you may come in contact with water. You’ll be able to fit all your belongings in this 30l backpack made from reinforced seams and non-rip material. The build quality is top notch and there is a centre strap for more stability when you are hiking or biking. Relatively light despite its size, it’s also used as fishing bag due to its ability to float once sealed.
  • AS A DRY PACK BACKPACK it will carry your camping accessories and protects your belongins from dust, dirt, sand, snow and water. Keep your cell phone, tablet, watches, jewelry, and clothing safe & dry no matter what adventures await. While you’re unwinding and unplugging, the VITCHELO® waterproof backpack will make sure your stuff is safe when you need it like no other waterproof camping gear bags.
  • KEEP SURVIVAL GEAR SAFE with scrim-reinforced vinyl bottom that ensures maximum water resistance. Perfect for bug-out bags, easily carried by any adult. Small enough to store in your trunk but large enough to carry rations and water. FLOATS FOR EASY RETRIEVAL, you couldn’t be more pleased with this dry bag and can certainly look forward to having this product for many years of fishing/ boating/ hunting adventures as no other waterproof sail bags!
  • EXCELLENT WATERPROOF BACKPACK for your fishing boat & hunting trips, it’ll also hold up great during kayaking excursions like no other waterproof bags. It can serve many usages for boating accessories or be used as a fly fishing bag to store your fly fishing gear. In situations where life could be at risk, it might consitute the perfect waterproof emergency bag to carry items sensitive to contaminants.
  • GIVE CLEAN WATER to people who desperately need it. Through our partnership with Agua Yaku, every purchase you make from VITCHELO will support clean and sustainable water efforts in Bolivia.


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