Amplified HD Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Motorized 360 Degree Rotation, UHF/VHF/FM Radio with Infrared Remote Control


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This is an Amplified Digital HDTV Outdoor Antenna with Motorized 360 Degree Rotation and 150 Miles Range and Wireless Remote to control the rotor. This Outdoor HD antenna is one of the most powerful and versatile on the market. It’s designed to receive UHF/VHF signals while providing high quality HDTV picture. The antenna has a built-in rotor and you can rotate the antenna from inside your house using the included wireless remote to get best reception. You can enjoy High Definition Television channels for free without the high cost of cable. The Features and Benefits of this unit include: Reception: VHF/UHF/FM; Reception range: 150 miles; Built-in Low-Noise and High Gain Amplifier; Built-in motor turns the antenna 360 degrees. The Motor turns in both directions to avoid tangles; Wireless remote controller for rotor; Control Box with Dual TV Outputs is included; High Sensitivity Reception; Built-in Super Low Noise Amplifier; Easy installation and assembles in minutes; Mounts to a pole up to 1″ in diameter (pole not included). This antenna is recommended to be mounted 30 feet above ground for best reception. The Specifications Include: Max Rotation: 360 degrees; Working Frequency: VHF 40~300MHz – UHF 470~860MHz; Noise Figure: less than or equal to 2.5dB: Typical Antenna Gain: VHF 28~32dB – UHF 32~36dB; Reception Range: 150 Miles; Channels: 1~69; Impedance: 75Ohm; Max Output Level:105dB u V; Main Voltage: AC-110V/60Hz; Power : AC15V 300mA – 3W; Rotor motor input: AC15 ~ 19V; Operation Temperature: -10° C ~ 50° C; Dimension: 20″ x 29″ x 10″. This kit contains the following products: One – HDTV Yagi antenna with built-in rotor & amplifier; One – Rotor control box; One – Remote for rotor control box; One – 40Ft coax cable; One – 4Ft coax cable; One – power supply for rotor control box. Note: Actual range may vary and is highly dependent on your location. Addresses in valleys or areas with large obstructions such as mountains, buildings, etc will reduce effective range.


  • 150 Mile Range | Receive free digital High Definition TV broadcast signals. Supports Full HDTV: 720p, 1080i, 1080p
  • Reception: VHF/UHF/FM | Reception range: 150 miles | Dual TV Outputs | Easy Installation | High Sensitivity Reception | Built-in Super Low Noise Amplifier | Power : AC15V 300mA
  • Working Frequency: VHF 40~300MHz | UHF 470~860MHz.
  • Built-in 360 degree motor rotor with wireless remote controller for rotor included
  • Weather resistant and can be used on the roof or in the attic


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